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Wabash County Health Department officials announced the county’s second confirmed case of COVID-19 on late Sunday night. Officials say the resident is at home in quarantine with family and doing well.

MOUNT CARMEL — Wabash County Health Department officials were notified of the county’s second confirmed COVID-19 case late Sunday night.

Officials say the patient was tested at an outpatient setting and followed all self-quarantine protocols, along with their immediate family since the date of testing, and are doing well at home.

As part of the vital contact tracing step, the Wabash County Health Department is investigating who may have been in close contact with the patient prior to initial diagnosis.

In line with protocol, health officials may place other individuals who made contact on a mandated home quarantine if they had significant exposure to the patient.

This announcement comes as no surprise, as it was highly unlikely Wabash County would remain with just one confirmed case, especially with residents commuting to Indiana, which is fast tracking the state’s reopening endeavor. Wabash County’s initial COVID-19 case more than a month ago has made a full recovery from the virus.

Just across the Wabash River, Princeton Health Department officials confirmed the county’s 12th case of COVID-19 on Thursday.

While eight have recovered from the virus, the data suggests that the virus continues to spread asymptomatically, while people begin to venture out of their homes from stay-at-home orders.

Princeton Health officials also confirmed the passing of a resident who had a history of COVID-19 (made a full recovery). It’s unclear if the virus had any long-term effect to cause the death.

To date Illinois has over 110,000 cases of COVID-19, with nearly 5,000 deaths. Nearly 750,000 tests have been performed, with a 92% recovery rate from the virus. Indiana has nearly 32,000 cases with 1,832 deaths and 226,251 tests administered. Illinois has a 14.8% positivity rate while the Hoosier state has a 14% rate. Wabash County as of May 20 had processed 317 tests, though that number will have gone up with updated tallies.

With Illinois transitioning into Phase three of its reopening plan, and Indiana welcoming back gyms, salons, and many more amenities recently, the numbers will be worth monitoring to see any correlation in eased restrictions and spikes.

A reminder, if you believe you’re experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, don’t hesitate in contacting Wabash General Hospital’s COVID-19 hotline at 618-262-6233. The hotline is staffed 24/7, and can give the needed authorization to receive a COVID-19 test at WGH.

If you have an underlying condition, or in an at risk age range, it might be worth it to receive a COVID-19 antibody test from the Wabash County Health Department.

The tests, which will not identify any current COVID-19 infection, cost $35, and may show if you have a potential antibody immunity to the virus — if you have contracted the virus in the past.

For more information on antibody testing or to schedule an appointment for the test, call 618-262-3873.

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