MOUNT CARMEL -- The West Berwick Ladies Golf Club held their annual Club Championship on Wednesday at the West Berwick Golf Course in Mount Carmel, with 15 ladies competing for medalist honors.

Wabash General Hospital sponsored the outing, and WGH President and CEO Karissa Turner and Executive Vice President of Business Development and Foundation Danielle Stevens were present following the conclusion of the outing to congratulate the winners and the ladies on their performances on the greens.

Earning medalist honors was Lillian Gottman, the youngest lady in attendance. Don't let Gottman's youth fool you -- she's been golfing since she was 4 years old and showed her expertise at the sport accordingly. Gottman will be attending Mount Carmel High School in the fall, where she'll be entering her freshman year. She scored a 75 gross score and a 67 net score in the outing.

Among the net winners included Vanessa Brown, who finished as the first net winner (63 net score), Faye Rodgers, who placed as the second net winner (68 net score), followed by Doris Haase as the third net winner (69 net score), and Jo Etta Briggs, who placed as the fourth net winner (70 net score).

The gross winners included Marsha Gritton, who placed as the first gross winner (77 gross score), Lynda Deal, who finished as the second gross winner (89 gross score), Ruth Ann Henager, who was slotted as the third gross winner (90 gross score), and lastly Jeannie Kennard, who finished as the fourth gross winner (91 gross score) to round out the bunch.

Each of the ladies posed for a picture in front of the scoreboard with Turner and Stevens after the outing in recognition of their stellar performances, prior to the club convening for lunch at Stymies.

The next tournament the club will host is the Golden Ace Classic Invitational tournament on Wednesday, Sept. 4. For inquiries into registration, contact Faye Rodgers at 407-718-4100.

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