Herrin Invitational Champs

The CWC girls tennis team took home the hardware from the Herrin Invitational on Saturday. Front row, from left, are Marley Mallow, Hannah Lueke, and Jasmine Smith. Back row, from left, are Kadie Simmons, Luci Stubblefield, Johanna Smith, Makayla Blazier, Kaeli Burchfield, Kendall Rooney, Liberty Smith, Megan Healy, and Kadee Milligan.

Girls Tennis: CWC 7, Mt. Carmel 2 (9/8)

Singles: Jasmine Smith (CWC) def. Camryn Strine (MC) 10-1; Kaeli Burchfield (CWC) def. Maleah Armstrong (MC) 10-8; Hannah Lueke (CWC) def. Kami McWilliams (MC) 10-5; Liberty Smith (CWC) def. Anne Schroeder (MC) 10-1; Grace Thacker (MC) def. Kendall Rooney (CWC) 10-5; Marley Mallow (CWC) def. Libby Horton (MC) 10-2

Doubles: Jas. Smith/Lueke (CWC) def. Strine/Armstrong (MC) 10-6; L. Smith/Burchfield (CWC) def. McWilliams/Schroeder (MC) 10-2; Thacker/Horton (MC) def. Rooney/Megan Healy (CWC) 10-8

JV Singles: Kadee Milligan 1-0, Kadie Simmons 1-0, Addie Arnold 0-2.

JV Doubles: Johanna Smith/Healy 1-0, Jo. Smith/Luci Stubblefield 1-0, Milligan/Makayla Blazier 1-0, Simmons/Carlie Vaught 0-1, Mallow/Blazier 1-0, Jo, Smith/Milligan 1-0, Stubblefield/Vaught 1-0, Simmons/Arnold 0-1, Vaught/Blazier 0-1, Stubblefield/Milligan 1-0.

Carbondale 7, CWC 2 (9/9)

Singles: Moore (C) def. Jasmine Smith (CWC) 10-7; Harper (C) def. Kaeli Burchfield (CWC) 10-7; Patel (C) def. Hannah Lueke (CWC) 10-0; Ge (C) def. Liberty Smith (CWC) 10-4; Fulk (C) def. Kendall Rooney (CWC) 10-6; Johnson (C) def. Marley Mallow (CWC) 10-6

Doubles: Jasmine Smith/Lueke (CWC) def. Patel/Harper (C) 10-9 (8-6); L. Smith/Burchfield (CWC) def. Fulk/Ge (C) 10-2; Shick/Moore (C) def. Rooney/Megan Healy 10-4

JV Singles: Makayla Blazier 1-0, Luci Stubblefield 1-0, Johanna Smith 1-0, Carlie Vaught 1-0, Kadie Simmons 1-0, Allee Martin 1-0, Kadee Milligan 0-1, Megan Healy 0-1.

JV Doubles: Martin/Simmons 1-0, Jo. Smith/Blazier 1-0, Stubblefield/Vaught 1-0, Mallow/Milligan 0-1.

“Fast 4” JV Singles: Jo. Smith 1-0, Blazier 1-0, Stubblefield 1-0, Simmons 1-0, Martin 1-0, Vaught 1-0.

Herrin Invitational (9/12) — CWC 10, Herrin 6, Mt. Carmel 2

Singles: Jasmine Smith 1-1, Kaeli Burchfield 2-0.

Doubles: Liberty Smith/Hannah Lueke 2-0, Marley Mallow/Megan Healy 1-1, Kendall Rooney/Kadee Milligan 2-0, Makayla Blazier/Johanna Smith 2-0.

JV Singles: Luci Stubblefield 2-0, Kadie Simmons 1-1.

JV Doubles: Stubblefield/Simmons 1-0.

Cross Country: Vienna 30, Hamilton County 42, CWC 73

CWC runners — Tanner Spence (2nd) -19:36, Trey Dixon (7th) — 21:42, Branten Stockton (17th) — 25:44, Cannon Knight (23rd) — 29:40, Wyatt Thomason (24th) — 30:18, Ian Mosier (25th) — 35:30 .

CWC runners (Girls race) — Mackenzie Willis (8th) — 25:36, Brook Hineman (17th) — 31:04, Brandi Hineman (19th) — 36:04.

Junior High Baseball: CWC 17, Fairfield 1 (9/11)

The Bullpups’ hot bats produced 16 hits. Cade Allen, Mitchell Edwards, and Kade Stockton had two hits apiece. Travor Mason, Colton Marvin, Maxon O’Daniel, Gavin Holloman, Tyson Spicer, Hayden Sauls, Merick Milhorn, Kyler Fisher, Jayde Albright (HR), and Preston Shelton each had one. CWC baserunners also had 11 steals in the game.

Mason, Edwards and Holoman combined on the mound for a one-hitter with 10 strikeouts.

JV game: CWC 12, Fairfield 1

CWC pitchers Jayde Albright, Colton Marvin and Maxon O’Daniel combined for a no-hitter in the three-inning win.

Marvin, Tyson Spicer, Preston Shelton, Abe Girten and Kyler Fisher had hits for the Bullpups.

Junior High Softball: CWC 10, Fairfield 1

Eight runs in the fourth and fifth innings broke open a tight game in another win for the Lady Bullpups.

Alexa Knight and Ali Rice led the way with three hits. Mia Evans, Caroline Simmons, and Alayna Johnson had two apiece, while Paige Jackson and Ashlyn Rager each added one.

Rice got the victory in the circle, giving up four hits and striking out nine.

CWC 17, Fairfield 1 (Game 2)

Alexa Knight threw a two-hitter in the victory.

Paige Jackson and Knight each had three hits to lead offense. Riley Roark, Alayna Johnson, Mia Evans, Lily Ballard, Courtney Snow, Ashlyn Rager, and Aly Albright each also had hits in the rout.

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