Mt. Carmel Public Library Foundation thanks the many individuals and sponsors who helped make the 9th Annual Library Foundation’s 5K Run/Walk held on Saturday, June 13, a success. 

We especially thank the Mt. Carmel Police Department for extraordinary assistance to ensure the safety of the runners and walkers. 

Also, we appreciate the support and assistance of city officials and various departments of the City of Mount Carmel.

Wabash General Hospital again furnished emergency personnel, water, chocolate milk and fruit for 5K participants. A huge thanks goes to Wabash General Hospital’s management and emergency staff for their continued help and support for this event.

We also thank Wabash County businesses and individuals for their sponsorship of the 5K and we appreciate their continued support for the library. 

Others we thank who helped make the 5K successful are Speth Plumbing for the porta-potties, Rotary Club volunteers for assisting with traffic control and the library staff and board of trustees.

And of course, we thank the more than 100 individuals who ran or walked in the 9th Annual 5K. All proceeds from the 5K will be used for the Mt. Carmel Public Library needs and projects. 

This year’s proceeds will purchase subscriptions for the popular genealogy section of the library and, if possible, secure updated technology for the library’s public meeting room. 

Again, thanks to all who helped with the success of the 2015 5K and thank you Wabash County community for supporting the Mt. Carmel Public Library for the past 100-plus years.

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