Hey, incoming class! When starting something new, it can be unnerving to wonder what this new experience is going to be like. Will it be fun, hard, too much, not enough, a step forward? Let’s keep it simple and start with learning some basics about being in college!

This course is designed to help you learn key people, places and processes while you are a student at Wabash Valley College. This orientation will cover topics such as your financial accounts, career planning, learning management system, academic records, and more! WVC’s online orientation allows you to work through the modules and videos at your own pace while also providing outreach and support if needed.

Here’s the plan:

1) Begin your orientation program online in the WELCOME WARRIOR module by clicking on Modules to the left. Watch the videos and/or read the content associated with each module. You will have access to this class throughout this term. If you feel confident that you are ready for a strong college start after completing orientation online, you are not required to attend additional workshops.

2) Take the brief quiz at the end of each module to double check your knowledge of key concepts. If you do not pass a module quiz with a 70% or better, it is recommended that you sign up for a supplemental workshop to help clarify anything related to that area for you. If you feel confident that you have met all of the requirements for a strong college start, you may choose to complete your orientation online only and are not required to attend any additional workshops.

3) To attend a supplemental workshop, select a date and time available by following the instructions in the Supplemental Workshops module. Workshops will be held in the mornings and afternoons on Aug. 7, 12 or 18. Students will be able to attend the workshops remotely if they choose or can RSVP for a seat in the classroom at the times offered. The class will be recorded for posting. Students who RSVP to attend in-person will need to stay for the entire session.

NOTE: Workshops are approximately 30-45 minutes long and will also be streamed through the conferencing feature in this course. Due to restrictions related to COVID-19, seating for face-to-face sessions is limited and will be first come, first serve. These sessions are designed for more direct questions related to preparation and processes involved in starting college at WVC. Each workshop has limited seating, but students who join remotely will be able to ask questions through a moderator. The Supplemental Workshops module will contain instructions on how to join a workshop session should you want further information on a particular module after you have completed the online components of the course.

Workshop Sessions:

1) Strong Start: Overview of Technologies, Process and Procedures

2) College Academic Success: Key Offices & Skills to Help You Thrive at WVC

3) Guided College Tour

These in-person orientation sessions are entirely optional if you feel comfortable and confident after having completed the online orientation. Once again, if you do not pass a module quiz with a 70% or above, it is recommended that you sign up for one of these supplemental workshops to help clarify that area.

  • PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are not designed to answer questions related to a particular student’s detailed academic or financial records during the session.

Please contact Student Services or the office you need for answers to more specific questions by calling 618-262-8641.

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