Wabash 348 website receives a fresh look

The Wabash #348 School District website recently underwent a facelift, making navagation much easier for visitors.

MOUNT CARMEL -- Most schools work in the summer to make improvements large and small. The Wabash #348 school district is no different.

One small change that could be huge in the long run for the district is a new website.

The new website went live this Friday and will make navigating the school pages much easier for visitors.

Tracee Bleyer discussed the new website at a recent Wabash #348 school board meeting.

"We hope the parents will get

see website/page a3

out there and find it," she said. "There is an app available as well for download."

The new website has dropdown menus at the top of the page for easier navigation. Under the sites dropdown are links for each of the schools.

"Each school will have its own page," said Bleyer. "It will have access to staff, classroom information and more."

The site also features a live feed option, which delivers all the school's social media offerings on the site itself.

Different from the live feed option is a news feed link that offers information on various activities and events the school is offering, with links to download forms and more information.

Other important links available under the menu section of the website include the Lumen portal, employment information, district information such as budgets, school report cards, district forms and other important documents, school board information such as meeting minutes, administrative reports, collective bargaining agreements and wellness policies and registration links and information.

"One of the biggest things we are doing is the online registration," said Bleyer. "We really want to push that."

Also through the app, users can receive push notifications from each individual school to their phone.

"Anyone who subscribes will receive a notification in the event of a school closing, football game change or whatever it may be," said Bleyer. "This also integrates with google calendar, so anytime there are any changes, it will automatically update on the website."

Bleyer said that the site will be an ongoing process in terms of getting things moved over and uploaded to the new site.

"Hopefully this will help us communicate better with the public," she said. "I am excited."

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