MOUNT CARMEL — It is five minutes from lunch closing time, and multiple customers walk through the threshold of Vick’s Bread and Brew, the latest creation of Vikram Singh, one of Mount Carmel’s strongest small business entrepreneurs.

Vick’s opinions on the need to grow Mount Carmel are strong, even offering ideas on what the City could use and where it could be placed on his Facebook page.

But two months into his latest venture, the owner of 8 Street Liquor is working hard to make Bread and Brew a huge success.

“So far, so good,” Singh said.

Vick and his family have been in Mount Carmel for three years, building multiple businesses along the way.

“We’ve done the Shamrock, we’ve done the 8 Street Liquor,” Singh said. “I saw the need for a restaurant, a coffee shop and a bar. We found this building, and I thought those would fit in here, so we did it.”

The idea for the combination coffee shop and bar came from a nearby neighbor.

“I have been to New Harmony, and they have a place with a similar concept,” he said. “We just added a little more of a twist to it. We chose a different kind of menu. I wanted this to be a mix between Starbucks, Subway and a bar.”

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner periods, with the same menu at both times, however, the menu can be customized for a customer’s tastes.

Some of the popular selections from the menu includes the Vick’s Special, which is a grilled chicken sandwich. Other popular items are the grilled chicken club and the quesadilla.

Vick’s Bread and Brew has also become a place for special events.

The restaurant has hosted a successful book signing event, and a very well attended paint party recently.

“In the future we are hoping to start a trivia night,” Singh said. “We do have a popular Dungeons and Dragons night every Thursday.”

Singh said that they are open to other events that the community may want to hold at the restaurant.

Mount Carmel has been a great place for Singh to carve out a business and family life.

“It is a small community, so people recognize you,” Singh said. “People are thankful that someone is taking the initiative. I think that is important. I am just trying to encourage more people to do more things. Hopefully they will see that you can be successful if you try.”

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