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The old Hogg Heaven building will look considerably different come October. Rosati’s Pizza Franchise Owners Marie and Troy Jacobs announced on Monday their plans to purchase the building and construct a Rosati’s in its place.

MOUNT CARMEL — After years of rumblings, it’s official — Rosati’s Pizza and Sports Pub will be coming to Mount Carmel.

The chain, which prides itself on its Chicago deep dish style pizza, operates in 15 states and has more than 200 locations across the country. If a Mount Carmel location is constructed, it would become Illinois’ 30th location of the chain restaurant founded in 1964.

Rosati’s interest in Mount Carmel has been long rumored, and Marie Jacobs, the Franchise Owner of the Robinson Rosati’s, who plans to construct the restaurant in Mount Carmel along with her husband Troy Jacobs, confirmed those rumors.

“We’ve been looking at Mount Carmel for about three years now,” Jacobs stated. “If everything goes right, we’re planning on purchasing the Hogg Heaven building. We will employ about 60 people in town, a variety of jobs, managers, cooks, everything else. Open seven days a week.”

Hogg Heaven’s closing offered a tremendous property opening for the Jacobs in their quest to add the franchise. Past rumblings had been of it being constructed adjacent to Dollar General. Now, they have a prime location with ample parking.

“We’re just hoping to give a different kind of concept to Mount Carmel.” Jacobs added.

While Mount Carmel certainly has an abundance of pizza options, Rosati’s offers something different with its wings, pastas, salads, appetizers, as well as its bar.

Troy Jacobs was quick to clear any connotation associated with a bar, saying the restaurant will be family friendly.

“We’re a family restaurant too,” Troy Jacobs said. “It’s not a bar, no one screaming... Nothing gets out of control.”

The Jacobs announced at Monday’s City Council Meeting their intention to move to Mount Carmel and personally oversee the construction and day-to-day operations of the restaurant.

“Troy and I plan on moving to Mount Carmel and will be running the restaurant, because we know what it takes,” Marie Jacobs said. “I’ve been running restaurants for 37 years. Troy works for the City of Robinson right now in the street department, he’s going to be retiring and coming on board with me. Hopefully I don’t fire him in a couple days!”

For all remodeling and construction needs as well, they’ve stressed an emphasis on staying local.

To show their commitment to that promise, they’ve contracted Kieffer Bros. Construction for their project.

“We want local people here,” Troy Jacobs said. “We’re not bringing people from Robinson or whatever, we want to try to use local people.”

As Craig Newman, President of the Mount Carmel Economic Alliance said, this is truly a big deal. With Hogg Heaven’s closing, the city lacked a similar sit down eating experience to what Rosati’s will offer. With the closest one in Robinson, there is potential it could attract people from across the Wabash River and beyond.

The Jacobs estimate an October opening for the restaurant if all goes as planned.

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