Madden claims City Commissioner seat vacated by Rodriguez departure

Chandler Madden

MOUNT CARMEL -- Mayor Joe Judge made things official on Monday evening: Chandler Madden will replace Rod Rodriguez as a member of the Mount Carmel City Commissioners.

Madden was one of eight applicants who were considered for the position. The other applicants were Shawn Storckman, Mollie Wood, Donald Kensell, Mark Seaton, Rick Johnston, Jaleigh Lashbrook and Susan Zimmerman.

Judge thanked all those who applied for the position.

"They were all given interviews and each commissioner was given the chance to review the transcript if they wished," Judge said. "I also want to thank all the commissioners who were involved in the interviews. Also, City Administrator Rudy Witsman, because he had to listen to me ask the same questions multiple times."

Judge reminded those in attendance at the meeting that the appointment was short term. The remainder of the term will be decided by election in April 2021.

"The people of Mount Carmel with then choose who they want to fill the seat for the remaining two years," he said.

The seat covers fire, garbage, overseeing the city hall building and safety and health, including the mosquito abatement program.

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Judge said he had taken a lot of public feedback on who they wanted to see fill the position, and took that in mind along with the information received in the interview process.

"I want everyone to keep in mind that no one interviewed had any experience as a commissioner," Judge said. "That made my job even harder. Everyone sitting at this table can tell you that you do no gain that experience until you are a commissioner and learn from it."

Judge added that every candidate brought different life experiences to their interview and each were unique.

"I want everyone to understand that I think this is who I can work best with as a commissioner," he said. "One thing that stayed with me through this process was that several candidate expressed the need to work with our young adults to get them to come back after college to raise their families here in Mount Carmel. This kept coming up as I was evaluating each interview. To grow Mount Carmel, we need our young adults to come back after college just like each one of us did, to lead the Mount Carmel of tomorrow."

Each commissioner voted yes on the appointment of Madden in a roll call vote.

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