MOUNT CARMEL — Wabash 348 School District is making moves this summer to streamline the student registration process.

At Monday’s board of education meeting, Superintendent Michael Brewer presented the new changes to online registration and payment options for parents.

“This should limit the foot traffic in the buildings those days and make it a lot less chaotic,” he said.

The plan is to open the Lumen portal for students to be registered online on July 23.

“We just felt like that if everything was in place, that would allow people to get that done and have it out of the way,” said Brewer.

The only grade that will not be able to register online will be Pre-K. Brewer said that because they are all new students, there is a lot of documentation to turn in.

One issue with online registration, according to Brewer, is the process of turning in student health records. He said that the Lumen portal will be locked until those records are turned in by parents. The only grades that have a mandatory health record to turn in are Kindergarten, Sixth, Ninth and 12th.

“There are only going to be four grades that are limited with the online registration,” said Brewer.

This means that if a parent has a student in one of the grades with a health record requirement and a student that is not, the parent will be unable to register either child until the health record is turned in.

If a parent does have a health document to turn in, they can do so when the school offices re-open July 29.

For parents who do not have internet access at home, or just want to pay by cash or check and not online, there will still be in-person registration dates.

“They will still be registering online,” said Brewer. “They will just be coming in and using one of our computer labs. If they can register online, we really encourage them to do so.”

Brewer said that all the fees should be up to date when the online registration opens on July 23.

For high school students, the fee process will be a bit different.

Brewer said that high school student fees are based on classes that students sign up for. He said that this year they will wait until all the schedule changes are finished, then parents will receive a bill stating the fees for the selected classes. They will still be able to go online and pay the bill.

The online registration process will be broken down by class and will let parents know what they need to do in a step by step process.

In-person dates an times are also listed in the online portal.

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