MOUNT CARMEL — Art Kimmel, who recently replaced retiring Bob Mayhue with the brush department for the City of Mount Carmel, is looking to adjust the pick-up schedule in the City.

At Monday’s Mount Carmel City Council meeting, Kimmel said that currently, the brush department follows the trash trucks around town and pick up the brush and leaf bags up on the trash day.

“That usually takes 3-4 hours in the morning, everyday,” Kimmel said. “By the time we get done with that, and get the equipment to do something else, a lot of time is being wasted in between there.”

Kimmel’s proposal is to move the brush route to Monday and Tuesday, beiginning Monday morning and finishing up Tuesday night.

“It may go into Wednesday some time,” Kimmel said. “We also want to move all pickup to the roadside instead of alleys. As of right now, we drive every road and every alley.”

Kimmel said that if they move everything to the road it will save a lot of wear and tear on the trucks going down alleyways in the City. He added that is would likely save a third of the time spent on the route as well.

“It will be money saving, fuel saving and be more efficient I think,” Kimmel said.

“I talked to Art earlier about this and think it is a good idea,” Commissioner Tom Meeks said. “All they do is chase the garbage truck everyday and they are losing time and its costing money. As far as the alley, I don’t think it would be that big of a problem.”

Kimmel added that there are a few houses in town that have no curbside pickup, so they would remain on the alley, but he said that wouldn’t be a big problem.

Meeks asked Kimmel if residents were abiding by the 50-pound bag limit, which Kimmel said many were not. Meeks told Kimmel to not pick up the bags that were heavier than 50-pounds. Meeks encourages residents to follow this limit to make things easier for brush collecting in the City.

The council made no decision at the meeting on the change, but Mayor Joe Judge asked Kimmel to work on a route map and bring it to the next meeting for further discussion.

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