Walk-up Wednesday pic

Bye bye, Ag Days. From left, Wabash County Chamber of Commerce member Britney Cowling and Chamber Executive Director Lesley Hipsher wait on a mother and her daughter, who took part in Wednesday’s Walk-up Wednesday. The event marked the conclusion of the 2020 Mini Ag Days Celebration.


Had COVID-19 not happened, Ag Days would be ongoing as we speak.

Ag Days was scheduled to begin on Wednesday and run through the weekend, but state regulations forced the cancellation of state festivals, much like the famed local celebration.

Though residents were unable to enjoy the full-scale, flashy usual festival, organizers from the Wabash County Chamber of Commerce made the most of an unfortunate situation by organizing it into four Mini Ag Days celebrations.

The first three celebrations were celebrations at Merchant’s Park headlined by a band, with food vendors surrounding the park while folks enjoyed the entertainment.

And on Wednesday, it officially concluded with a Walk-up Wednesday, at which organizers were serving tacos and offering one last chance to quench your Lemon Shake-up thirst.

Though the events were overwhelmingly successful, the revenue will likely be nowhere near what a traditional Ag Days festival would have accumulated — as the festival attracts tourists and residents alike to Market Street.

But splitting it up offered some normalcy in troubling times. Most consumers — and all workers — wore masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19, even with the outdoor scenery, just to be safe.

Now, as Ag Days always does, the summer is officially over and fall is on the horizon. Hopefully all slowly returns to normal and once COVID-19 is past, the 2021 Ag Days can be the best to date.

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