ALLENDALE — Allendale School announced its recipients of its end of the year awards on Friday.

Among the categories included its Junior High Award Winners, the Century Club for Accelerated Reading, as well as kindergarten, second and third grade award winners.

Junior High Award winners:

Among the recipients of varying awards at the junior high level included 15 Yellow Jackets.

  • Ava Bates — Reading
  • Isaiah Courter — Reading, Language Arts, Spelling, Social Studies, Math, Science, PE
  • Hayden Hendrix — AR
  • Rhett Andrews — Reading, Language Arts, Spelling, AR, Math, World History, Science
  • Braden McGinnis — PE
  • Michael Smith — Reading, Spelling, Math, Science
  • Olivia Smith — Reading, Spelling, World History, Science
  • Hallie Courter — Math, Language Arts, Reading, Spelling, Social Studies, Science, Health
  • Roland Foster — Math, Language Arts, Spelling
  • Blake McDonald — PE
  • Mark Vaupel — AR
  • Trentin Casburn — PE
  • Chandler Cusick — Math, Language Arts, Reading, Spelling, Science, Social Studies
  • Lauren Fisher — Language Arts, Reading, Spelling, AR, Science, Social Studies, Health
  • Clay Morgan — Social Studies

A total of 41 Yellow Jackets became members of the Century Club for Accelerated Reading, with Rhett Andrews recording the top score at the junior high and Emma Ford recording the highest at the elementary school.

  • 2nd Grade: Quentyn Blythe, Abram Medler, Grasyn Morgan, Jayce Weiss.
  • 3rd Grade: Trenton Garrett, Ryland Houchin, William Medler, Kelsey Morgan, Teagan Polston, Haleigh Prosise.
  • 4th Grade: Keilob Barnett-Escobedo, Emma Ford, Adrienne Lawrence, Conner McGin
  • nis, Stetson Potts, Joel Schneider, Jacie Spore, Aiden Swift.
  • 5th Grade: Isaiah Courter, Hayden Hendrix, Michael Medler, Levi Potts.
  • 6th Grade: Rhett Andrews, Ashleigh McGinnis, Braden McGinnis, Olivia Smith.
  • 7th Grade: Hallie Courter, Roland Foster, Alex McGinnis, Avery Swift, Mark Vaupel.
  • 8th Grade: Emma Carie, Trentin Casburn, Chandler Cusick, Chloe Cusick, Holly Doerr, Lauren Fisher, Matthew Jackson, Cydnie Lawrence, Jordis Riley, Chloey Wheeler.

Allendale Kindergarten award recipients:

  • Henry Buchanan — Creative Writer and Amazing Artist
  • Elijah Dishman — Math Whiz
  • Emily Foster — Amazing Reader
  • Whitley Grimes — Amazing Reader
  • Luke Harms — Amazing Reader
  • Bennett Morris — Amazing Reader
  • Samuel Smith — Math Whiz
  • Jayleigh Spore — Rhyming Extraordinaire
  • Kiera Walker — Handwriting Excellence
  • Wesley Weir — Creative Story Telling

Second Grade award recipients:

  • Austin Bates — Spelling Award
  • Quentyn Blythe — Grammar Award
  • Karson Bray — Math Award
  • Wyatt Buchanan — Math Award

Stephen Culp — Grammar

  • Award
  • Max Ford — Math Award
  • Elly Hayes — Spelling Award
  • Zoey Headrick — Kind Classmate Award
  • Tommy Hughes — Reading Award
  • Camden Kieffer — Spelling Award
  • Liam Litherland — Reading Award
  • Rey Lopez — Math Award
  • Abram Medler — Math Award
  • Grasyn Morgan — Reading Award and AR Award
  • Summer Perry — Reading Award
  • Caleb Smith — Reading Award
  • Jayce Weiss — Reading Award
  • Lonna Wilkinson — Spelling Award

Allendale Third Grade award recipients:

  • Olivia Armstrong — Science Award
  • Haylee Bergman — Science Award
  • Jackson Cusick — Social Studies Award
  • Eli Garrett — Math Award
  • McKinlee Grimes — Language Arts Award
  • Kamdyn Henn — Social Studies Award
  • Ryland Houchin — Reading Award
  • Jayden Linson — Science Award
  • Zoey Lofton — Science Award
  • William Medler — Math Award
  • Kelsey Morgan — Reading Award
  • Jaxon Morris — Language Arts Award
  • Olivia Phelps — Science Award
  • Teagan Polston — Language Arts Award
  • Haleigh Prosise — Reading Award and AR Award
  • Tessa White — Language Arts Award

Congratulations to all Yellow Jackets on an extraordinary academic year and their awards!

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