MOUNT CARMEL — Between a busy softball and school schedule, a senior at Mount Carmel High School has found time to write a cookbook.

But not just any cookbook — a dairy-free one.

McKinnon Anderson, daughter of Clinton and Karissa Anderson, came up with the idea for a business based on her own experiences being lactose intolerant.

“At first I considered starting a bakery that was lactose intolerant because I’m lactose intolerant, but then I decided to make a cookbook because it would be accessible to more people,” she said.

“No Moo Cookbook” will be nearly 200 pages filled with recipes hand-picked by McKinnon. It will be a combination of both recipes she has created herself and some from other sources.

Foods range from a tasty peanut butter fudge to the tried and true chicken stir fry recipe McKinnon’s mom makes that she really enjoys. It will also include a few vegan and gluten-free recipes, she said.

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McKinnon originally joined the Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities program to branch out and try some new things.

“I thought the CEO program would take me out of my comfort zone because I’m a very shy person,” she said. 

And while it has helped her learn how to be more comfortable around people, it has also taught McKinnon a lot about businesses in Mount Carmel.

“There are businesses here in town that I never knew about and how nationwide they are,” she said. “Before CEO I’d drive by the box factory and thought it was a water plant — I didn’t know what half the business were and now that I’m in CEO I do.”

In order to continue her business education, McKinnon will be attending Eureka College in the fall to study business and accounting.

“No Moo Cookbook” will be available for purchase for $15 at the CEO tradeshow on April 24 at Parkview Christian Church. Copies can also be ordered by contacting McKinnon at or through the “No Moo Cookbook” Facebook page.

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