MOUNT CARMEL — A lot of projects are finishing up, but one technology update is about to start at Wabash General Hospital.

CEO Jay Purvis shared with the hospital's board of directors Monday the plan to upgrade and improve the hospital's current CT scanner. Purvis credited the hard work of Karissa Turner and Debbie Dilbeck as what made the project possible.

He explained the project will be more of a software upgrade rather than the replacement of equipment, as to minimize expense and downtime.

"There will be significant improvement in not only our capability to provide more intense, more accurate scanning in a way that is far more detailed than we have been able to do, and do it faster with lower doses," Purvis said.

The scanner will be upgraded from a 20 slice to a 64 slice, which will provide physicians with more detail and accuracy. 

"A 64-slice scanner is now becoming standard for a lot of places, however, it was not more than a few years ago when it was considered a research machine," Purvis said.

Area hospitals including Gibson General and Good Samaritan also have 64-slice scanners.

Purvis said he expects the project to be finished by late summer.

WGH will also see improvements to its current phone system, which has been in place since 1989.

"It's running out of spit," Purvis laughed. "Plus, it's an analog system and everything is digital, so this will switch us to a digital, web-based system as opposed to what we are doing now."

The hospital foundation has agreed to fund the $300,000 replacement project, Purvis said. The equipment has been ordered and installation is expected to start in two months.

"It's just a step up in getting to the technology that we have got to have," he said.

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