MOUNT CARMEL — Fourth grade students from across Wabash County traveled to the fairgrounds Friday to learn about safety — and have some fun while doing it.

The Wabash County Farm Bureau Ag Safety Day featured six educational stations about a variety of agriculture-related topics, including gun safety, disability awareness, electrical safety, poison safety, first aid safety and underground utility safety. Instructors including D-Ray Etzkorn, Karen Rahmoeller, Roger Watwood, Trevor Irwin, Brian Buchanan, Kenny Kieffer and their staff, trained students how to recognize dangers, prevent injuries and even assist others in life-threatening situations.

Students seemed especially interested in how to distinguish potentially poisonous liquids from everyday drinks like Kool-Aid. They also realized how much more difficult basic tasks would be with a specific disability.

Wabash County Farm Bureau has hosted this event for the past 15 years or so, and hopes that through these educational stations, children will become safer at home, on a farm or any situation.

"If one kid comes away from it saving somebody or prevents something from happening that's our ultimate goal. If we could prevent kids from getting into danger with the information they learned today — that's the goal," said Wabash County Farm Bureau Manager Carol Jo Beadles.

Ag Safety Day is truly a community event, she continued.

"Without all of the presenters and volunteer help — and we get a lot of volunteer help from the FFA — we wouldn't be able to put this on," Beadles said.

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