MOUNT CARMEL — A nine-year-old Allendale Twister is practicing her baking skills for the upcoming Wabash County 4-H Fair and is making a positive impact in the process.

Laylynn McKibben, a first year 4-Her, has been developing her baking and decorating skills under the instruction of Kristin Phillips of Coyler Coffee House in Albion. Practicing for the big event leaves lots of sweets around, however, and the Hug family couldn't eat all of cakes and treats themselves.

Last week, Laylynn took 50 homemade cupcakes to Safe Haven, a women and childrens shelter in Mount Carmel. On the way there, she told her mom, Christina Hug, "We should do a bake sale for Safe Haven!"

Christina thought it was a great idea, but knew a sale was a bit ambitious for a nine-year-old to organize.

Pat Harlson, director of Safe Haven, greeted the Hug family and welcomed them into the living area of the shelter.

"These are really beautiful, she did a great job," Harlson said after opening the large box of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, decorated with white, blue and purple icing.

Laylynn shared her idea of a bake sale and Harlson said that Safe Haven volunteer Laura Leathers had also wanted to organize a sale.

When asked why she enjoyed baking so much, Laylynn said "I just like making stuff!"

A bake sale benefiting Safe Haven will be held at Borowiaks IGA in Mount Carmel June 24 beginning at 10 a.m.

Laylynn and other Wabash County 4-Hers will be showcasing their work at the fair on July 13.

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