Hey, hey, hey, oh, the weather outside is cool, yessssiiiirrrreee folks ,warm days and cool nights.

Come to think about this, I would say were are getting close to winter. Hey driving up to Allendale and Bridgeport, the crops are 99 percent harvested. That makes it swell for the farmer.

It must show a good sign because south of Patton there are two grain bins being built. This looks good for the farming community.

Last Tuesday, the Allendale Yellow Jackets had their first rep assembly. It was very interesting display of pep. The cheerleaders were introduced by Mrs. Smith, by the way she had more pep than the student body but it did not take long for the student body to catch up with her. The cheerleaders performed like champions. They also presented Mr. Bowser with a trophy and Spirit Stick. Congratulations to the cheerleaders.

The next part of the assembly was the cheering competition which was won by the eighth grade. I guess they have a lot of wind. The last part of the pep session was Coach Jones introducing the basketball players. Good luck teams.

I want to compliment Mrs. Rhinehart and her fifth and sixth grade classes for their salute to veterans on Nov. 11. They made poppies with a mint taped to the poppy with a saying, “Thank you Veteran.” These were placed on the table at the VFW during the lunch time. This is something they were proud to be a part of Veteran’s Day. Did you thank a veteran? Allendale should be very proud of Mrs. Rhinehart and her students. The veterans were proud and thankful for the mint. This is part of community and school spirit.

Tonight will be a home basketball game with Grayville beginning at 6 p.m.

Nov. 20 will be an early dismissal at 12:15 p.m. for School Improvement Day

Nov. 23 will be the Allendale Basketball Tournament at home with the time to be determined. So folks, support your Yellow Jackets Basketball. Happy Birthday to Alan Goodson Nov. 19.

Happy Birthday to Tom Wood Nov. 23. I would like to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving.

Season Passes are still available for the basketball/volleyball games. Please continue to save can tabs in “Memory of Kendra.”

Please continue to save your Box Tops for Education. We thank you for all you do for the Allendale Grade School.

Until next time, don’t bee sharp, don’t bee flat, just bee natural, naturally a Yellow Jacket! Pray for peace, and God bless America.

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