MOUNT CARMEL — An Edwards County senior has spent many football off-seasons powerlifting.

Colton Kelsey, son of Chris and Teresa Kelsey, is now using that interest in lifting weights to start his own business through the Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities program.

"I knew in the beginning that I wanted to do workout supplements and stuff like that because it's something I'm really passionate about," he said. "I knew my business was going to be something to do with exercising, working out and trying to help people."

The Bone Gap native said a lot of people ask him about what supplements they should take and what exercises to do already, so he knew it would be a good fit for him.

Colton will be purchasing supplements from a company called Insane Labs, including pre-workout, enhancer and muscle recovery products for his business. The business name? Super Supplements — Colton is a big fan of Superman.

"I'm going to try to reach out to neighboring towns like Carmi and Fairfield, because they don't really sell supplements anywhere around here — you either have to go to Evansville or order it," he said.

Super Supplements products cost $32, and Colton will deliver the orders.

Colton will be offering more than just supplements, however. He will also create workout plans and meal plans for people interested in reaching specific goals.

Representatives from the CEO program visited Edwards County High School during Colton's freshman year, and as a senior, he joined for several different reasons.

"I mainly just wanted to get out and experience new things, meet new people and get out of my comfort zone more," he said.

Colton is hoping to attend McKendree University in the fall to join the school's powerlifting program. While there, he plans to major in exercise science to become a personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach.

Eventually he will have a Facebook page set up for Super Supplements, but in the meantime, people interested in hearing more about the products can contact Colton by phone at 618-445-7084.

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