MOUNT CARMEL — What if you could have golf clubs that never dulled?

Well, one Mount Carmel High School senior has figured out a way to make wedges last longer.

Mallory Raber, daughter of Angie and Kevin Ireland and Gary Raber, started playing golf as a freshman on the MCHS team. Now, she's taking her passion for golf to a new level with her CEO personal business, Premium Club Coating.

"I narrowed my ideas for a business to things that I liked, and golfing was obviously one," she said. "My dad does a lot of business out of town and that's how I got connected with the guy who does the coating."

The coating in question is a military-grade thermal boron fusion coating used to strengthen steel.

"When it's painted on it goes into a furnace and it changes the molecular steel of the club," Mallory explained.

Military barrels are painted with the same coating to prevent sand from getting into weapons.

"The grooves in your golf club won't dull after the coating, usually people have to buy a new wedge every year," she said. "After you buy it the club won't ding or dent and the grooves won't wear."

Premium Club Coating will be selling a variety of coated wedges priced at $162, and Mallory will have clubs for people to try out at the CEO tradeshow in April. She will also sell towels and hats with the Premium Club Coating logo on them.

Mallory joined the CEO class because she was unsure what she wanted to do after high school as a career, but now it has helped her decide to go into business management. She will attend McKendree University in the fall, where she will also be playing golf.

For more information about the products, visit Premium Club Coating on Facebook, or contact Mallory at

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