MOUNT CARMEL — One Mount Carmel High School junior joined the Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities program because she wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted to do in the future.

Brianna James, daughter of Ann and David James, hoped to get some ideas from the class.

“I was looking at colleges and didn’t know what major I wanted, so I was hoping this class would help me decide that,” she said.

While she may not have made up her mind on a major yet, Brianna did find something she enjoyed doing for a personal business.

“I threw out a lot of ideas and started picking out the ones I thought was best,” she said. “My brother is in college and he has a Photoshop account, so I started playing around with that. I took some of the pictures I had taken and I started editing them — I really liked it.”

Brianna’s business, Picturesque, will offer personalized photographs with funny, inspirational, retirement and birthday quotes or sayings on them. Customers will be able to choose from Brianna’s library of photographs, or ask her to edit one of their own pictures.

Prices for the personalized photos will vary based on the size requested. A Picturesque print of 5x7 photo will be $7, an 8x10 costs $10 and an 11x14 is priced at $17.

The printed photos will be mailed to the customer’s desired location.

At the CEO tradeshow next month, Brianna will have pre-made items for people to purchase, as well as order forms for specific photo editing requests.

Picturesque will soon have a Facebook page, but in the meantime, for more information or to order a personalized photo, contact Brianna at

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