Dye course

The entrance to the Pete Dye Golf Course at French Lick, which was designed by Tim Wiser. Wiser will be starting his own business after his 24-year career at Combs comes to an end.

MOUNT CARMEL — A tri-state staple, Combs Landscape Nursery and Gift Shoppe, is closing its doors in April after 35 years in business. 

When 24-year Combs employee Tim Wiser heard the news last month, he decided start his own landscaping company.

The Mount Carmel native has founded Wiser Landscapes LLC and plans to utilize his 33 years of experience designing and installing landscapes in the southern Illinois and Indiana area.

"I've been working in Mount Carmel as a landscape designer since 1984 while working for somebody else — now I'm just going to do it myself," Wiser said.

He already has a clientele base in Newburgh, Evansville and Gibson County as well thanks to the connections he has made while working for Combs. In addition, Wiser has gathered quite a list of completed designs, including the landscaping at French Lick and West Baden, Indiana, and the entrance to the Pete Dye Golf Course when the area was being renovated in the mid 2000s.

The Murray State graduate said he will not be opening a nursery in Mount Carmel. Instead, he will operate more as a landscaping contractor.

Three or four other Combs employees will join Wiser in his new business venture and assist in the design projects.

Wiser Landscapes services will primarily be the design, installation, and maintenance of trees, shrubs, other plants and low-voltage LED lighting. However, Wiser will not offer lawn care, such as mowing grass or tree limb removals.

In the near future Wiser Landscapes will have a Facebook page, but for now, more information is available by calling Tim Wiser at 812-449-2027.

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