MOUNT CARMEL — When Millie Dillmount moved from small town Kansas to the Big Apple, her plans were simple: marry a rich man. However, as many know — not much happens according to plan.

Mount Carmel High School senior Josslyn Shaw acts as the delightfully modern Millie, who was completely unprepared for the roughness 1920s of New York. She is mugged, and meets a belittling Jimmy Smith, played by senior Grady Wilkinson, who tells her she should just go home to Kansas. Jimmy gives Millie a name of a place to stay for free for the night before returning to the small town.

Millie is not discouraged for long, however, and appears to have a renewed eagerness to find the man — or money — of her dreams.

At Jimmy’s recommendation, Millie finds a place to stay at the Hotel Priscilla, where she joins several aspiring actresses.

The hotel is run by an evil Mrs. Meers, played by Isabella Noll. Mrs. Meers is an actress turned con-woman that engages in criminal activities with her cohorts, Bun Foo (Andrew Hillyard) and Ching Ho (Jack Marvell).

While struggling to find a way to pay rent, Millie meets Miss Dorothy, performed by junior Lauryn Wright. The pair decide to become roommates at the hotel before Mrs. Meers offers Miss Dorothy her own room.

Millie does find work as a stenographer for the most eligible bachelor, Trevor Graydon III, played by Andrew Jordan, after proving to be the speediest typer in town.

The Pricilla girls were searching for a place to get a drink when Millie again runs into Jimmy, who gets the girls into a club. A night of drunken dancing leads to the whole party being thrown in jail, which leaves the innocent Millie appalled.

Once their mug shots are taken, Jimmy invites Millie to a fantastical welcome home party for the ravishing Muzzy VanHosmere, played by Abbey Dardeen. Miss Dorothy also gets an invitation when Jimmy finds out Millie is more interested in the wealth of Trevor Graydon than she is with him.

Hilarity, romance and betrayal ensues in scenes filled with bobbed hair, flapper girls and stunning musical numbers from the talented students.

Kim Mandrell, director, has encouraged the cast and crew to aim for perfection during the demanding performances leading up to opening week — running through each scene in both acts until it almost becomes muscle memory.

To see their dedicated and hard work for yourself, purchase tickets for the Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday performance at

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