MOUNT CARMEL — A longstanding physician in the Wabash County community is retiring from the practice of medicine this month.

A celebratory open house complete with cake and other refreshments was held Dr. Narendra Anadkat at the Wabash General Hospital Primary Care offices Friday.

Dr. Anadkat and his wife Patricia presented a $1,000 check to the Wabash County Ministerial Alliance, which benefits WADI. Wabash General Hospital President and CEO Jay Purvis gave a travel package as a token of thanks for Dr. Anadkat's 36 years of service to the hospital and community.

Dr. Anadkat received his premedical degree at Bahauddin College of Science in Gujarat, India. He attended Saurashtra University & M.P. Shah Medical School in Gujarat, India, where he received his medical degree. Dr. Anadkat completed his flexible internship at Lutheran Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri, and completed his straight internship at St. Mary’s Health Center in St. Louis, Missouri. He then finished his residency at Internal Medicine Marshall University Affiliated Hospitals in Beckley, West Virginia.

"You get a great satisfaction by helping people. When you go to medical school, that is the single most reason you go," he said.

Dr. Anadkat came to Mount Carmel as a 24-year-old in 1981 in search of a place he could call home.

"I was looking for a community where I could really stay with a stable society, serve and make a lot of friends — and virtually I was right," he said. "I made lots of friends and I have taken care of everybody to the best of my ability. I am very satisfied, very content."

Dr. Anadkat shared that some of his fondest memories of his career in internal medicine were when his patients got good results from his care.

"One New Years Day, I had diagnosed a patient with a very life threatening complication and I was able to transfer that patient to the Barnes Jewish Hospital. I knew that was the best place for him — it was very satisfying when he came back in really good shape," Dr. Anadkat said.

Yet, after years of debate of when to hang up his white coat, Dr. Anadkat has decided that this is the appropriate time.

"It's a bittersweet moment, but it's the right time for me," he said.

Purvis also reflected on Dr. Anadkat's contribution to the community and how things have changed in the world of medicine.

"Dr. Anadkat's time with the hospital goes through several iterations of how the hospital performs," Purvis said. "When he came, the hospital was a very different place. As he said, the practice of medicine was very different 36 years ago. What has happened since amplifies the fact that this guy, Dr. Jani and Dr. Jennings pretty well held the place together for years. They were the fabric that allowed the place to continue for many, many years.

"The thing that the community needs to recognize is what Dr. Anadkat and these other guys brought to this community — the quality of medicine, the caring delivery of the quality of medicine has made a difference for a lot of people in this community. They can look back on it and recognize that they got a whole lot more than they'd expect to get from this community and that is going to be missed."

Dr. Anadkat did more for the hospital than just internal medicine by serving on the board of directors for 24 years.

"He's been an integral part in making the decisions that have moved us through these time periods to a point where we are successful and continue to be successful," Purvis continued.

Dr. Anadkat insists that it is the harmony that exists between doctors and other medical staff that makes WGH's service unparallelled.

"We truly get along, and that harmony is why we are really going forward and forward with our efforts," he said.

The first item on Dr. Anadkat's to-do list for retirement is to finish reading a lot of books.

"I've been putting off a lot of books — I read one chapter and then it's still open," he laughed. "We will be traveling some and of course I enjoy playing golf and visiting with friends."

Dr. Levi McDaniel will be taking over Dr. Anadkat's practice upon his departure.

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