Grass carp

Justin Spencer holds up his prize winning catch.

MOUNT CARMEL—A 22 pound grass carp was caught during the fishing tournament sponsored by Four Ten Outdoors Saturday.

Four Ten Outdoors sponsored the tournament as part of its grand opening celebration last week.

Justin Spencer, of Mount Carmel, landed two grass carp, one weighing 20 pounds and the other weighing 22 pounds.

He got both fish with a compound bow in a flooded field off the Wabash. “I fish anything that moves,” he said.

Spencer goes fishing frequently. “I go whenever my wife lets me,” he said.

Erick Monts, Mount Carmel, was Spencer’s fishing buddy for the day, but had no luck.

“He was seeing em and I wasn’t,” he said.

Monts helped Spencer with hauling in his two catches for the day.

The largest catfish went to Mike Stewart, of Mount Carmel, with a 1 pound 8 ounce catfish.

He caught 5 catfish in an hour and a half, but had to throw one back that was too small.

A couple of weeks ago he said he went out and caught five catfish that were 2.5 to 3 lbs in weight.

Stewart says he doesn’t like how high the river is, but came out to fish Saturday anyway.

“The river has been so high,” he said, “I don’t like fishing it.”

The only other person fishing for catfish that day caught nothing.

Sean VanMatre, of Mount Carmel, won the prize for biggest bass with a 1 pound catch.

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