We celebrated summer with a week full of beach themed activities!

On Monday, we played a new board game that we created called Meadowood Life. It was a lot of fun to race around the board to see who would win. Mary Hanna was our winner. 

We also played Hula Hoop dice, with Norma Armstrong as our highest roller, and then made really cute flyswatters using flip flops, flowers and a paint stick.

On Tuesday, our baking club made a pineapple cake with a pineapple Cool Whip topping. Afterwards we did some pineapple bowling using pineapples as our bowling pins. 

Everyone had a great time, and Verna Robbins was our best bowler for the day. Later that afternoon we played bingo and ate our pineapple cake afterwards.

Wednesday, we enjoyed snacking on fresh watermelon and got creative while we carved a watermelon into the shape of a pig. 

Later that day, we had a Popsicle social. Everyone gathered out side as we listened to the Beach Boys, put our feet in the pool, ate our Popsicles, and enjoyed the company of a few visitors. 

It was a really fun day that everyone enjoyed.

On Thursday, we had Bible study with Danny Points, played patriotic bingo, and then had a summer beach party. It was another fun day with more music, fresh pineapple, angle food cake, punch, and playing games with pool noodles. We even had the dining room decorated for the occasion to make it feel more summery.

On Friday, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful morning we were having, and all gathered outside for our morning exercises. 

We also enjoyed some coffee while we read the local newspapers and stayed outside to enjoy the fresh air before lunch. Later that day we played more bingo with Betty link as our luckiest winner.

Over the weekend, we had communion with the First Christian Church of Grayville, and afternoon church service with the Light House Church. 

We also played more bingo, had our portraits drawn by Meagan Cunningham and enjoyed some trivia while enjoying our coffee and snacks.

It was a great week with lots of fun, laughing and socializing! Our weekly bingo winners were: Mary Blaylock, Verna Robbins, Betty Link, Juanita O’Neil, Randy Peavler, Hershel Cullison, Norma Armstrong, Grace Shelton, and Tootsie Cowling.

Until next time, we wish you all a wonderful week from all of us here at Meadowood.

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