MOUNT CARMEL — The City of Mount Carmel will soon begin to address a number of water and sewer lines that are in need of repair.

Last month, the city council listened to a report from John Acree, from Wabash Consulting, LLC.

Acree detailed the scope of work and cost estimates to perform water and sewer line replacements that have been identified as needed in the near future. There are nine specific areas of interest. According to Acree, the estimated cost for each of the nine projects is based on having a contractor perform the work at prevailing wages.

The total project cost estimated for the nine locations is $233,920. This does not include the cost of the sections that will require additional investigations. All of the cost for engineering include bidding as needed but do not include construction layout or observation. That work could be performed on an as-needed hourly basis.

City Water and Sewer Commissioner Justin Dulgar said that the department is looking at four different sections and getting permits for them if the cost fits what the City can handle.

“Those are Third through Fifth Street water line on Division, Bellmont to Poplar water line on Second, Walnut to Cedar water line on 10th and 13th to Sarah on Cherry,” Dulgar said. “Those aren’t set in stone and we have more research to do. Those are the first four on the high priority list that we really need to look at for further information.”

Dulgar said that the City is currently investigating the Lambert Drive water line themselves.

“That is something we can do,” he said. “We think it is more of a pressure issue out there.”

In other business

Mike Harris presented a sign he had commissioned for the Lady Aces Golf team. Prior to approval from the State to place a sign near the entrance of town on Cherry Street, Mayor Joe Judge and Harris talked about a solution to recognizing the team with a sign at another location.

Harris had a sign made to honor the team and suggested it be placed near the entrance of the golf course. Commissioner Tom Meeks said the City would be happy to install the sign at that location.

Judge said that there will be some changes to the City Pool building this year.

“We put a new roof on the building,” Judge said. “We will be making some more changes to the building to make it look better. There will also be new rules this year and we will elaborate on those at a latter date.”

Judge added that the City is now accepting applications for many of the jobs at the pool.

City Clerk Rudy Witsman suggested the continuation of the Facade Improvement Program.

The program uses money collected through a tax increment financing fund to improve the facades of businesses along Market Street.

“This is a new year and I am asking for approval to continue that program,” Witsman said. “I have already had a request for the program.”

Judge agreed that the program should continue.

Police Chief Ryan Turner asked for a change to the policy for police officers and the use of marijuana.

Turner said the current policy bans officers from using “illegal substances or medicines not prescribed to the officer.” Turner said it goes without saying that police officers should not be smoking marijuana even though it is a legal substance now.

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