Three Lunkers qualify for State Fishing Tournament

Lunkers Luke Dardeen and Clayton Halbig pose with their fish following the National Youth Fishing Association tournament on Sunday (March 31). Dardeen and Halbig finished 18th in the tournament and sixth in the Illinois Bass Nation High School Tournament.

MARION, Ill. -- As spring creeps around the corner and the weather warms, another sport makes its season debut, the bass fishing team.

Mount Carmel and Lawrenceville High School coordinate a team of fishers and don the name of the Lawrenceville Lunkers. Five Mount Carmel students, Luke Dardeen, Clayton Halbig, Chevvy Wood, Drew Gill, Reese Noll compete on the team and competed in the Illinois Bass Nation High School Tournament and the National Youth Fishing Association's Tournament at Lake Egypt on Saturday March 30 and Sunday March 31

First on Saturday, three of the Lunker teams finished in the top 10 of the Illinois tournament, positioning themselves in the fourth, sixth and 10th spots respectively in the Bass Tournament and qualifying for the state tournament. The duo of Gill and Wood placed fourth with their 12.34 lb. catch, Dardeen and Halbig's 10.06 lb. catch placed them sixth, and the Lawrenceville duo of Briley Frederick and Cole Sumner placed 10th with their 9.10 lb. catch. The team of Reese Noll and Kyle Boughan placed 16th with their 0.58 lb. day.

In the NYFA tournament on Sunday, Dardeen and Halbig finished 18th out of 62 teams, with their biggest fish weighing in at 3.04 lbs. and totaling 10.60 lbs. for the day, earning them 493.60 points in the tournament. Frederick and Sumner were slotted one spot behind, finishing 19th with their 10.54 lbs. caught on the day, earning them 492.54 points. Gill and Wood caught 7.21 lbs. of fish, totaling 471.21 points and finishing 37th. Lastly, Noll and Boughan caught 3.21 lbs., placing them 48th with 456.21 points.

Noll and the other Lunkers who didn't place in the top 10 on Saturday will still have an opportunity to qualify for the state tournament with a good finish in next couple tournaments.

The next tournament will come Saturday, April 13 at Clinton Lake near Clinton, Ill.

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