ALLENDALE —The state's budget woes are causing budget problems for Allendale School.

Superintendent Bob Bowser shared the current fiscal year of 2016-2017 budget deficit with school board members Wednesday. 

The state of Illinois owes District 17 more than $51,000 in mandated categoricals including $11,178 for special education services, $6,250 for special education personnel, $199 for state free breakfast and lunch, $18,114 for transportation and $15,450 for pre-kindergarten.

School board members approved a tentative amended budget, which will be on display in the school's main office for 30 days after the meeting. It shows revenues of $1,281,838 and expenditures of $1,331,129 for the fiscal year.

The board also conducted a public hearing concerning the intent of the board to sell $600,000 school fire prevention and safety bonds and $200,000 in working cash fund bonds.

The funds will be used for several projects to improve Allendale School, like new LED lighting, new bleachers, new exterior doors, new bathroom and locker room floors and refinishing the gymnasium floor.

Bowser also shared with the board the end of school year activities, including a dunking booth and trips to Holiday World and Gattitown.

If students earned 50 reading points for the semester, they were given three chances to dunk their principal. Three more chances were given for each additional 50 points. Two students read enough to throw 18 balls a piece at the dunk tank.

After an executive session, the board accepted the resignation of Candi Vaupel as head cook and the resignation of Wes Smith as basketball co-coach, both effective at the end of the school year.

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