MOUNT CARMEL -- Mount Carmel Water Commissioner Justin Dulgar confirmed the Wabash Valley Water Commission will meet one last time at 6 p.m. Thursday at Albion City Hall.

The Albion City Council voted to withdrawal from the commission during their May council meeting. Dulgar recommended that Mount Carmel do the same during the May 21 council meeting. The Mount Carmel City Council will vote on that recommendation during Monday's council meeting, which begins at 5 p.m. atCity Hall.

The Wabash Valley Water Commission was created over a year, and plans quickly came together for the commission to proceed with grant applications to build a $20.4 million regional water plant. The four communities involved in the commission were Albion, Mount Carmel, Grayville and Keensburg.

The engineering report was complete, and the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development approved a

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preliminary application for grant funding. But when it came time for individual government boards of the four towns to vote on proceeding, Albion officials voted 4-2 not to move forward with the regional water plant.

Dulgar previously told the Mount Carmel City Council that, "at the end of the day, Albion felt that the water was going to cost them too much. They are going to pursue a smaller option for themselves. Some in Albion felt they shouldn't have to pay for the infrastructure in Mount Carmel for us to join. I am looking for a long-term solution for Mount Carmel, and they were not."

The commission will meet, and according to Dulger, most likely vote to end the commission. Dulgar said the city will pursue grants in order for Mount Carmel to move forward with fixing the water system.

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