MOUNT CARMEL — The suspect of a home invasion that left two people with gunshot wounds, was plotting to escape from the Wabash County Jail, according to statements made in court on Monday.

Levi M. Glick, 31, of Mount Carmel, is charged with two counts of home invasion, class X felonies and possession of a weapon by a felon, class 3 felony. The charges stem from a Sept. 22 incident in Bellmont.

Glick appeared in Wabash County Court Monday for a bond reduction hearing. During that hearing, Wabash County States Attorney Cassandra Goldman told Judge Michael Valentine that the request should be denied for several reasons, one including an escape plot that had been investigated by the Wabash County Sheriff’s Department.

According to Goldman, jail administrators became suspicious when two inmates passed a note that was later flushed down the toilet by Glick. During the investigation, deputies learned that Glick was trying to escape from his cell by removing welding that is attatched on a steel wall which is located in the back of Glick’s cell.

Wabash County Sheriff Derek Morgan confirmed that deputies found damage to the wall in Glick’s cell. The welds had been loosened and items were used to pry the steel away from the wall.

Glick has not been charged in the escape plot, but Goldman cited the incident as a reason to deny the bond reduction request.

Glick’s original bond was set at $100,000 surety or $10,000 cash after his arrest, but was increased to to $1 million surety or $100,000 cash during his first initial appearance. Glick’s attorney asked that he be released on his own recognizance so he could seek treatment in a rehabilitation facility, and reported his client would be willing to wear an ankle monitor or, if not released on recognizance, asked the judge to reduce the bond to $50,000 surety/$5,000 cash. He noted that two other individuals involved in the case are no longer in jail.

Christopher Shaffer, 33, of Robinson, pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine, class 3 felony and a use of property to possess methamphetamine, a class 2 felony. Shaffer accepted a plea deal that gave him two years of probation.

Emily J. Lofton, 29, of Bellmont, faces the same charges as Shaffer. Lofton posted $4,000 cash bond Oct. 10.

Goldman argued that Glick’s crimes are more severe than the others involved in the case. She also noted Glick’s prior convictions of possession of methamphetamines, possession of a controlled substance, domestic battery and two DUI convictions all in Wabash County. Glick was also charged and convicted in U.S. Federal Court with possession of a firearm by a felon in 2014.

Goldman told the court that Glick has had ten failure to appear warrants in the last 11 years. Goldman asked Judge Valentine to deny the bond reduction request, based on the nature of the crimes allegedly committed and the numerous failure to appears in Glick’s criminal history.

Glick’s attorney told Judge Valentine that Glick was also shot in the incident, and no one was charged with that crime, yet his client remains in jail. Goldman argued that Glick entered the home with a weapon and without permission, and that it shouldn’t be a surprise that others would defend themselves in that case.

Judge Valentine denied the request, noting that based on what was presented in court, the bond that has been set is deemed appropriate.

Glick’s next court hearing is scheduled Dec. 4. A final pre-trial hearing is scheduled Dec. 18, and a jury trial scheduled to begin Jan. 8.

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