The City of Mount Carmel has a chance to win a $500,000 grant to revitalize the uptown area, but needs the public's help to do so.

The Small Business Revolution is a grant that will help smaller communities in revitilizing their business area. "Small businesses are the heartbeat of our communities and the economy, and nowhere are they more under siege than in small towns. Deluxe created the Small Business Revolution Main Street to give a boost to small businesses and in turn, to reignite the spark that drives small towns. Each season of our award winning “Main Street” series, we invite the public to choose one small town to receive a $500,000 makeover from Deluxe to help revitalize the town and six of its businesses, capturing the transformation in our eight-part web series." according the Deluxe website. The winners of previous seasons include; Wabash, Indiana and Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania. The nominations are now open for the third season.

If you live in, work in, or just love a small town (population 50,000 or less) that could use a boost from Deluxe and the Small Business Revolution you can nominate the city today. Nominations are open through Oct. 19. Just visit to fill out a short survey. Information can also be found on the Small Business Revolution Facebook page.

Mount Carmel Mayor Bill Hudson discussed the uptown Mount Carmel area with the Wabash County Retail Merchants Committee on Tuesday. Hudson said the city is working on beautification, "we are getting the new stop signs put up and will be taking down the traffic lights on Market Street," said Hudson. The mayor also said that there will be a new concrete stage built for the amphitheater and it will have a cover for concerts. "We would like some input on what the community would like to see done with the Hadley Building once was located," said Hudson.

Hudson said there are ideas to help make the city better, but the funds available for the projects are limited. The Retail Merchants Committee and Hudson ask that city residents take a few minutes to fill out the Small Business Revolution survey to help the city win the $500,000 revitilization grant.

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