MOUNT CARMEL — Mount Carmel City Clerk Rudy Witsman defended the city's response to local flooding during this past weekend's storm after several complaints were made.

"We receive a lot of complaints and there were people complaining on various media sites over the weekend, but people need to realize this was a major storm and we were not the only community with flooded streets and basements," said Whitsman.

"Sometimes people need to step up and try to help themselves and you can't rely on the government to do it all for you. We have a limited number of employees, we had them out trying to clean the intakes in the streets but maybe of you are really concerned about your home, your neighbor, your community, maybe it's time to put on a raincoat, grab a rake or grab a shovel and clean your own intakes. It would help the community a lot.

"Just try to step up and help a little every now and then. It is appreciated by everyone in this community if you would step up and do it. We unjustly received some complaints and in situations like that, situations that are just an act of God, there is just not a whole lot we can do about flooding with that amount of rain we received," said Whitsman.

With more rain forecasted, Whitsman asked the community to please bear with the city and have a little patience.

"With the amount of rain we got, the City of Evansville's system isn't even able to handle that amount of rain. There is not one city that can handle that much rain in one storm. Sometimes there isn't anything you can do until it stops raining and the water goes down," said Mount Carmel Water Commissioner Justin Dulgar.

Dulgar said the levee stations were activated and all flood pumps worked properly during last weekend's storm.

In other city council business; the council approved a request from the Mount Carmel Youth Advisory Board to host a color run May 12. There will also be a vendor craft fair held in coordination with the color run.

Water Commissioner Rudy Rodriguez reported Spring Clean Up Week is April 2 through April 6. Rodriguez said all mattresses have to be covered and electronics will not be picked up. The annual Guns and Hoses will be held at the Mount Carmel Grade School on March 11 beginning at 12:45 p.m., with all proceeds benefiting Mount Carmel Senior Center.

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