MCPD investigates overdose, confiscates 'gummy' substance

photo courtesy Mount Carmel Police Department

The gummy candy seized by police will be forwarded to the Illinois State Police Lab for analysis.

MOUNT CARMEL — Mount Carmel police are investigating an overdose related to a type of "gummy candy" authorities believe may be laced with some type of controlled substance.

MCPD Sgt. Ryan Turner reported that police were notified Friday of a 17-year-old girl treated for possible overdose, and learned that she may have taken a narcotic in a form similar to “gummy bear” candy.

Turner said police located the person who reportedly supplied the gummy. "That individual was a 16 year old juvenile who was also treated for ingesting the “gummy” candy," he reported. The juvenile was charged with possession of a controlled substance and released to his guardian, he confirmed.

Police also arrested Jacob E. Molstad, 18, of Mt. Carmel, after he was stopped in the area of 9th and Market Street in Mt. Carmel. Turner reported that police found prescription pills in the vehicle. Molstad was booked at the Wabash County Jail on preliminary charges of possession of a controlled substance and delivery of a controlled substance while on school grounds.

Turner said the confiscated gummy candy will be sent to the Illinois State Police Crime Lab for analysis. "Only then will we know what chemical and narcotic compounds were used to make this drug," he said. "At this time we have no reason to believe this is the drug commonly referred to as FLAKKA as reported in social media. Further testing is needed to confirm the actual drug used in making these gummies. This investigation is ongoing and more arrests could be made."

Turner said police and school officials encourage parents to look through their student’s book bags, phones, and tablets. He said police are prevented by the fourth amendment to the Constitution in making searches or seizure without cause, but parents are not limited by that amendment. Students can provide tips on narcotics or any other illegal activities at the Mt. Carmel High School by texting the tip line at 262-237-8472. Individuals can also call CRIMESTOPPERS at 262-HALT.

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