MOUNT CARMEL — The Mount Carmel High School Prom Committee is seeking use of the upstairs space at Mount Carmel City Hall for the 2018 MCHS Junior/Senior Prom.

Mount Carmel City Clerk Rudy Witsman said another venue was originally chosen for the prom, but those plans have fell through, leaving the students without a location for the annual dance. During Monday's City Council meeting Whitsman said, "We don't want to start this back up again, however this is an emergency situation. They don't have a venue for the prom as of now."

Mount Carmel City Commissioner Joe Judge raised concerns about the elevator not being in working condition, and the air conditioning units have not been turned on upstairs since 2015.

Mount Carmel Fire Chief Frances Speth said he would need to take a look at the site and determine if it would be up to code with capacity and fire exit availability. The council voted to approve the request if Speth determines it to be safe and within the fire safety codes.

Mount Carmel High School Principal Jake Newkirk said the past few years the prom has been held at the Mount Carmel Eagles, but that venue was already booked. "We have booked the Anderson Building at the fairgrounds, but having it at City Hall would be the best option," said Newkirk. The prom is not held at the high school because there is no air conditioning in the gymnasium.

MCHS held its prom at City Hall in the past, before the top level was shut down to public events. Newkirk said there are no issues complying with Americans with Disabilities Acts with the elevator not being in working condition because there are no current students that meet that criteria.

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