MOUNT CARMEL – Commissioner Joe Judge became the Mayor-elect Tuesday night with over 69 percent of votes cast for him with a total of 1,045 votes.

Mayor Bill Hudson had 463 votes by the end of the night.

Hudson issued a statement late Tuesday night after the election results came in thanking all of his supporters and expressing joy at his eight years as Mayor.

"It truly has been an honor," said Hudson, in the statement.

Judge said he will begin his mayoral work with the comprehensive plan he outlined during both his Register interview and the News Channel 15 political forum.

"There's a lot of things to look at," Judge said of his first actions once he takes office in early May.

Judge thanked Mayor Bill Hudson, who he called a friend. He said he made a commitment when he announced his candidacy to appoint Hudson to a position in his administration and he still plans to do so, with a project position involved with the implementation of construction plans on the Merchant's Park amphitheater stage.

Thomas Meeks took the empty city council seat Judge left open with 796 votes and all three incumbent city commissioners retained their offices.

"I'm excited to work with them," Judge said.

During the run-up to the election, Meeks told The Register that if he received the most votes, he would take streets and have Ikemire oversee finances for the city. Commissioner Ikemire also expressed interest in the idea of moving from streets to finances. Residents will find out in May whether Ikemire will switch departments.

Of the three commissioners, Justin Dulgar had the most votes cast for him with 1,029. Less than 40 votes away from that was Rod Rodriguez with 993. Eric D. Ikemire received 912 votes, coming in third.

The three highest vote counts of the five candidates that ran for the Wabash Consolidated School District 348 race were Janice Alka 1,197 votes, Neil Earnest with 1,047 votes and Ryan Peter with 874 votes.

The rest of the various races relevant to Wabash County were uncontested.

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