MOUNT CARMEL — Wabash County Highway Engineer Dustin Bunting signed a six-year renewal contract with the county Monday.

Bunting, who marks 12 years with the county in October, signed the re-appointment contract following approval from the Illinois Department of Transportation and Wabash County Commissioners.

The contract stipulates Bunting's salary beginning Oct. 1 at $45,060 annually with built in increases yearly to $50,981 in the final year of the renewal contract in 2023.

In other county commission business, the board learned the county's fiscal year audit is late to the state this year. County Treasurer Beverly McBride reported that she received a letter from the Illinois Comptroller's Office about the audit being late, and fees that will be assessed.

McBride said Watler Accounting will pay all late fees associated with missing the audit deadline. "It is the first year for them to be doing the county audit, and it is a complicated process," McBride explained. The fiscal year ended on November 3, 2016 with the county's audit being due to the state on May 30. The county asked for an extension which was granted but ended on July 28. Watler Accounting took over for Wilcox and McCorkle Accounting who sold the business last year.

"This is the first year we have been late with an audit, but it is the first year for Walter to take overm so it's an adjustment period," said McBride.

Wabash County Coroner Sean Keepes reported he has worked 54 death cases so far this year, 46 have been returned to medical professionals, 10 have been ruled deaths with inquiries. His office has issued 14 cremation permits this year and has completed five autopsies. Keepes has spent 139 hours on coroner cases this year, which included, one homicide, 52 natural deaths and one accidental death.

Wabash County Sheriff Derek Morgan reported his department issued 30 summons in July, investigated nine crashes and served 52 warrants. The sheriff's department responded to 269 incidents in July, with the current jail population at 11 inmates. Morgan also reported that he was nominated and accepted a position serving on the Sheriff Association Executive Board.

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