WABASH COUNTY – The only ballot item in the 2018 election that pertained only to Wabash County was a referendum that asked voters whether or not Wabash General Hospital could purchase land outside its district and outside the county.

The measure passed with over 81 percent of voters in the county answering yes to the question on or before Tuesday. Only 705 voters voted no on the referendum, with 3,154 voting yes.

Voter turnout was higher than last midterm election by around two percent. 50.5 percent of registered voters turned out on or before Tuesday. In 2014, 45.65 percent of voters casted ballots. The 2016 presidential election saw a 64.06 percent voter turnout, for comparison, though presidential elections tend to have higher turnouts.

Republican David K. Overstreet beat Democrat Kevin T. Hoerner for the Fifth-District Appellate Court seat. Overstreet will fill the vacancy left by Richard P. Goldenhersh, who retired in 2017.

All of the Second-Circuit judges on the ballot retained their seats.

All of the county general elections went uncontested. County Clerk and Recorder Janet Will, County Treasurer Beverly J. McBride county Commissioner Timothy R. Hocking and County Sheriff J. Derek Morgan will all serve another term. Regional Superintendent of Schools, whose position oversees nine county school districts, also went uncontested. Elizabeth Rister will serve another term in that position.

JB Pritzker was projected by the Associated Press to win the Illinois Governor race Tuesday night. According to the AP, Rauner made his concession call to Pritzker around thirty minutes after the polls closed.

Wabash County voted in favor of Rauner at a rate of 2.5 to 1, with Rauner taking around 64 percent of the county's votes.

Wabash County voters also voted for the Republican candidates in each of the other state races, including Darren Bailey for the 109th House District seat in the General Assembly.

Bailey received almost three times as many votes as his opponent Cynthia Given district-wide.

John M. Shimkus won the Wabash County vote for the 15th District of the United States House of Representatives. The Associated Press projected Shimkus to win the race against Democrat Kevin Gaither.

Democrat Kwame Raoul won the Attorney General race against Republican candidate Erika Harold.

Other Democrats, Jesse White for Secretary of State, Michael Frerichs for Treasurer and Susana Mendoza for Comptroller won their respective races as well.

In each of those state races, the Republican candidates won among Wabash County voters.

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