MT. CARMEL – Wabash County Engineer Dustin Bunting briefed county commissioners on Bridgeport Road improvements at Monday night's meeting.

Bunting said construction on the south portion of Bridgeport Road is complete and now he is seeking a grant to help the county pay for two miles of work on the north section, which stretches to the county line.

The work would consist of an asphalt overlay and shoulder work, Bunting indicated. "It's reaching the end of its service life from the last time it was resurfaced," he said.

His preliminary estimate of the cost of the project is $720,000.

He said a state match and Truck Access Route Program funds grant would be his preferred methods of funding. "No guarantee we'll get it for the north, but I'm going to try to apply," he said, adding that the south section construction of the road was paid for in part with TARP grant funding.

"Hopefully the state doesn't cut that program," he said. Illinois cut the amount of money available for that type of grant funding in half from 2016 to 2017, said Bunting.

If the grant is not awarded to Wabash County for the work, Bunting said it could push the project a year into the future, when he would be able to assess the funding situation and apply for such grants again. It could be December 2018 or January 2019 before the county knows whether or not the grant was awarded, if the state doesn't approve the funding this grant cycle.

"I'm going to apply and we'll see," he said.

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