MOUNT CARMEL – Mount Carmel resident Marshal Thompson attended the Sept. 10 regular meeting of the Mount Carmel City Council to ask what would be done about leaf collection in the city once the leaves begin to fall.

"As where we live, it's going to be more than a slight problem," Thompson said, who told officials he lives on East Ninth Street.

While he knew the city would no longer pick up the leaves, he asked the council what progress had been made in regard to leaf collection.

"At this time we still don't have a leaf vac," said Commissioner Eric Ikemire.

Ikemire added that the process currently in place involves city personnel picking up bagged leaves.

"That's my concern," Thompson responded, and explained that his property experiences too many leaves to place in bags for that to be a viable option.

"It's very difficult even to keep up with blowing them out to the road where we're at," said Thompson.

"I think I could probably empty out the grocery stores of lawn bags and still not have enough," he added.

He asked if burning leaves could be considered. Mayor Bill Hudson declined. "There will be no burning of the leaves within the city limits," he said.

Hudson suggested taking excess leaves to the dump site on Golden Aces Way.

Thompson said the amount of leaves is too large to mulch.

"I don't think my situation is unique to the city," he said, "it's going to be quite bothersome."

Mayor Bill Hudson then offered for city officials to attempt to find a solution to the problem. "Would that be okay?" he asked.

"That would be great," Thompson said.

In a separate matter, large trash pickup will take place Oct. 1-5. Officials urged residents not to put things out until that week. City Clerk Rudy Witsman also asked residents to wrap box springs and mattresses in plastic before placing them out by the road that week.

Additionally, Witsman advised all present at the meeting of the upcoming city elections, which will take place April 2, 2019.

The first day to petition for one of the commissioner or mayor seats is Sept. 19. The week when the city will accept returned petitions is Dec. 10-17. Dec. 17 is the final day to turn in city government election petitions, Witsman said.

The present council, including the mayor, was also asked if they would accept a raise for the next city council, which must be approved 180 days before the election, according to Witsman. All members of the council agreed not to raise the pay for the next city council's members.

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