MOUNT CARMEL — Following The Wabash Emergency Management Agency’s certification by the National Weather Service, the city and county have received signs for the designation and are set to order more.

At the County Commissioners meeting Monday, WEMA Coordinator Gerald Brooks said NWS Meteorologist-in-Charge Rick Shanklin returned to Mount Carmel to replace the StormReady sign he had given WEMA in September because of a couple of blemishes on the sign.

“I didn’t even notice, but it bothered him enough that he brought a brand-new one still in the factory wrapper,” Brooks said.

Shanklin also brought four other signs. The yellow signs are designed to be installed in parks or other recreational areas, Brooks explained. “They warn people about what to do in case of lightning,” he said.

The sign instructs those outside during a thunderstorm to seek shelter and wait 30 minutes after the storm has passed to resume activities.

A week earlier, Brooks presented one of those signs to Mayor Bill Hudson for installation in a city park. City Council members spoke of potentially ordering more during that meeting.

“National Weather Service recommended it go in a park,” Brooks said.

“This is very neat,” Mayor Hudson said before reading the sign aloud. “When thunder roars, go indoors,” he said.

When Brooks presented the signs to the City Council, he thanked the volunteers at WEMA for their dedication to becoming a StormReady community.

“We’re one of, I think, three or four counties in the IEMA region that is certified as StormReady,” he said, “and I would like to thank the volunteers.”

“Beall’s Woods might want the fourth one,” Brooks advised the county commissioners.

Additional StormReady signs cost $44.90 each, he said.

Commissioner Robert Dean said one of the signs could be installed in Liddle Park, on the south end of Mount Carmel.

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