MOUNT CARMEL—“They did a fine job that’s for sure,” Karen Hall said of the EMTs with Wabash General Hospital who delivered her grandson Aug. 16.

Brayden Nathanial Burton was  born in the hallway of his mother’s home because there wasn’t time to make it to the Olney’s Richland Memorial Hospital.

By the time EMTs arrived on scene, the baby was crowning.

The EMTs set up in the hallway and brought up supplies and equipment needed to perform the delivery.

“As soon as he would get up the stairs and hand him something, he would say I need something else,” Hall said.

Hall was concerned about the child being delivered at home rather than a hospital setting. “I was scared out of my wits I’m not going to sit here and lie.” She said, “It’s 2015. We don’t drop and walk any more.”

Tyler Jefferson, the EMT running up and down the stairs, said this is the second child he has helped deliver.

“It was a heck of an experience, you don’t deal with something like this every day,” he said.

Jefferson said his partner had just finished a Pediatric Advanced Life Support class, and was ready for the challenge.

He said home deliveries like this don’t happen too often, but it does happen more than one would think.

There is a “stork pin” issued to EMTs who deliver a child.

Jefferson said there is a pinkpin for delivering a girl and a blue pin for delivering a boy.

Derek Vogel, Jefferson’s partner, said he goes out on a call like it’s just another day at the office until he’s on scene.

“After time, I’ve been doing this for close to like two years, you take it with a grain of salt, until you get there and it’s a complete 180 turn around and it’s the real thing,” he said. “They always say it’s easy until you’re actually there and it doesn’t seem easy. But looking back on it  it’s a fairly simple thing because you aren’t doing much of the work, honestly.”

Hall said the doctors had planned on inducing labor Aug. 17, but the child decided the time was right after they had returned home from the hospital early in the morning of Aug. 16.

Mother Cassie Burton had gone to the Olney hospital because she thought she was in labor, but the hospital sent her home around 3 a.m. that day, and she ended up giving birth at home an hour later.

Burton even joked with Hall on one of the many trips to Olney hospital that she was going to have a Highway 50 baby, referring to a baby delivered in a car on the side of Highway 50 to Olney.


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