Baby delivered in hallway

 Brayden Nathanial Burton sleeping in his grandma's apartment. Burton was born weighing 8 pounds and 20 inches long.

Mount Carmel- After being sent home around 3 a.m. on Aug.16, from the hospital in Olney, an expecting mother went into labor at her home and paramedics were forced to deliver the baby in a hallway.

Cassie Burton had joked with her mother, Karen Hall, after many trips along Highway 50, that she was going to have a Highway 50 baby. 

Burton was referring to an event earlier this year where a mother didn’t make it to the Olney hospital, and paramedics delivered the baby in the car on the side of the highway.

Hall said she was awoken by calls from help by her daughter and she called 911 around 3:45 a.m. The 911 operator asked if there was time to get Burton to the Olney hospital, and Hall said no there was not.

Hall then went to wake up her husband, Mark.

“I sprang out of bed like a fireman,” he said.

Thankfully they only live a few blocks away from Wabash General Hospital, so the EMTs were there in a couple of minutes.

Karen Hall said it was a quick birth. 

“By four o four the baby was in arms,” she said.

Karen Hall said the EMTs were wonderful.

“We couldn’t ask for better help,” she said.

Mark Hall remembers one EMT running up and down the stairway to their apartment to get supplies and other equipment needed for this unusual situation.

The baby, Brayden Nathanial Burton, was born 8 pounds and 20 inches long.

“We got a healthy little fella,” Karen Hall said.

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